If you need aerial support for your project, contact us. 416-624-8194

Watching From Above

If you need aerial support for your project, contact us. 416-624-8194

Watching From Above


Stunning 4K HD Aerial Video, Photography and 3D mapping

If you need aerial support for your project, contact us.

We fly the latest commercial UAV technology delivering stunning 4K

HD aerial video, photography and 3D mapping by

Transport Canada Advanced Operations Commercial Drone Pilots.

Our technology provides a broad range of aerial services

Promotional Marketing Videos, Imaging and Time Lapse

Real Estate/Airbnb Virtual Tours and Property Surveying

Weddings, Family and Corporate Events

Insurance Surveying and Damage Capture

Aerial Home Flood Risk Assessment

Construction Surveying, Imaging and Mapping

Land Assessments and Surveys

Vineyard and Grapevine Analytics and Diagnostics

Agriculture Crop Assessments

Cottage Dock Placements and Inspections

Salvage Location and Recovery Assistance

2D & 3D Mapping

Environmental Assessments - Wildlife and Erosion

Private Surveillance / Asset Recovery Video

Cinematography and Commercials

Sporting Events and Outdoor Functions

Concerts and Festival Aerial Video Capture

Golf Course Assessments and Surveying

Accident Investigation - Video Capture

Manufacturing Plant Aerial Assessments

Aerial Banner Towing

Aerial Inspections

Contact us to discuss your project or to request a quote

At SentinelFX we are ready at short notice to support your project. We offer services specific to the

commercial and residential industry in the field of aerial (drone) video and photography, 2D/3D mapping

for urban development, construction project surveillance, golf course flyby video's and promotional

video's, agriculture crop assessments, interior and exterior, residential property tours and disaster aerial surveillance and support. All video and images shown on our website and this section are

copyright of SentinelFX UAV Media and Services and may not be copied or distributed without our permission. 

We would love to hear from you and discuss your specific project requirements, timelines and goals.

Please note, if you require a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) such as for a sporting event, or

flight in a controlled airspace, such as near a hospital or airport, we can file this request with Transport

Canada as part of our site plan for the project. All our team at SentinelFX UAV Media and Services are

Transport Canada Certified Advanced Commercial Drone Operators.